Price and quality of fruit and vegetables

I do believe that quality costs something, but sometimes this really goes too far for me. If you go to the market you have a full bag of bananas, apples, oranges and a melon for less than 10 euros as a bonus. This same stock of the same quality costs more than twice as much at this vegetable jeweler. What is the difference? At least the presentation. Fruit and vegetables are displayed as if they were … indeed, jewelry. Everything in color and size as if it is made of plastic, which says nothing about the taste.

Price awareness

In this time of crisis, I like to take a break to look at offers of daily food. The same goes for the meat from the butcher who displays and packages all his meat as if I were buying a lingerie set of 100 euros at a luxury boutique. A sheet between the patches, a piece of paper and an extra piece of paper around it and delivered with a special roasting bag in a bag of the butcher. The packaging material alone costs just as much as the meat itself. I am not yet talking about what the staff looks like in their excellent corporate outfit with a hat and gloves. The meat packed per kilo at the local super looks just as well cared for and costs half as much.


We are spoiled with the sight of all that “beautiful” food. There must not be a bump or spot on it. And we also want to pay for it too. In Italy, you can get food on the market that gets off the ground. Mixed together, often deformed but oh so good. Similarly, the meat that is cut for you straight from the cow, that piece that you want, not colored and not treated. It tastes delicious and honest and is affordable.


So my tip; go back to the market or to a wholesaler to buy meat and food that is fair and affordable. You can freeze a lot without losing quality and you save enormously!