Washington Apple Country Recipes

Washington Apple Country Recipes

Page 2 - Apple Sauce and Apple Butter
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Cider Apple Sauce

Reduce four quarts of new cider to two by boiling; add enough pared cored and quartered apples to fill the kettle. Let cook slowly for four hours. This is very nice when served with roast pork.

Apple Sauce

Cut into eighths and core unshaved King or Baldwin apples; cook quickly in thin syrup. The skins give it a pretty pink color

Apple Butter

Pare, core, and quarter the desired quantity of apples, allowing on-third of sweet to two-thirds of sour apples. Boil sweet cider until it is reduced one-half. While the cider is boiling rapidly add apples until the mixture is the desired thickness. Cook slowly, stirring constantly and skimming when necessary. When the apples begin to separate from the cider, take 2 pounds of sugar to each bushel of apples used; add a little ground cinnamon and boil until it remains in a smooth mass when a little is cooled. Usually one and one half bushels of apples are enough for one and one half gallons of boiled cider.