Cashmere Cider Mill

How We Make Our Cider

Our production process at the Cider Mill always begins with the bins rolling in on the big truck, filled with 800 lbs each. We are not growers, but rather support the growers as we purchase only local fruit. We have the benefit of selecting the fruit that we purchase, and you will never find bottom of the barrel fruit going into our cider as a last resort to make money on throwaway fruit. The color of our cider is vibrant, golden apple, raspberry red, and huckleberry purple. We prefer to create blends using a sweet apple like Golden Delicious, and blend in a tart variety like Granny Smith. During the year we may choose to use other varieties.

Our goal to remain a smaller family owned business with the opportunity to stay connected with our guests and customers. We have some of their heartfelt stories to share. Our attendance to the Victorian Country Christmas 2007, our customers shared their progress with cancer and diabetes.

Our gourmet cider is all natural, no preservatives, no additives, or coloring. We bottle exactly what we press. We suggest when you get home with your very own Lady Blush cider, you shake long and deep before each pour. The sediment you see in the bottom of each bottle is the amazing flavor that has not been filtered out.

We've chosen to focus on wine alternative selections in glass bottles. While they look like wine, they are completely non-alcoholic, for those who have chosen not to drink, are the designated driver, pregnant or health reasons. They are perfect to share at your next dinner party as a special gift or personal indulgence. Our glass wine bottles are shelf stable and last 2 + years without refrigeration.

We also bottle into plastic pints, quarts, half gallon and gallon jugs. These may be refrigerated or frozen. Our local fruit stands have the option to sell these alongside their fresh fruit.

Why small batches? We are convinced we offer a premium blend through carefully selected fruit and berries and produce only small artisan batches.

Marcia bottling Heritage Blend cider

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